We are committed to sustainability, one legging at a time!

Eco friendly and sustainably made yoga and activewear
We are always discussing ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and how to make a more sustainable product.  We can all do something and we try to do what we can in the quest for a carbon neutral world.  Our sustainability practices are rooted In our desire to make the right choices, from the little day to day things to the big company resolutions.
We believe in the collective effort needed to turn the tide towards a healthier more sustainable planet.
Our printed leggings are made from recycled polyester that is derived from BPA free recycled plastic bottles.  Each legging uses approximately 15 plastic bottles that  would otherwise end up in a landfill or floating in the ocean.
All of our prints are heat sublimation printed, which is an eco-friendly method without chemical run-off that could pollute 
local water supplies.
Investing in a sustainable future

Turning plastic bottles into leggings

We love our carbon neutral Modal.

Our Modal is a cellulose fiber derived from beechwood pulp that is twice as soft as cotton. 
Beech trees propagate on their own so no artificial irrigation or planting is required.  This makes beechwood forests a natural and sustainable source of raw material.  
These carbon-neutral fibers also require less land per tonne and maintain a water consumption level that is far less than cotton.
Sustainable Modal fibers
Eco-friendly clothing for living yoga
We are eliminating plastic from our supply chain
Eco-friendly packaging