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About Our Brand Anjali

We first started talking about a yoga inspired clothing line shortly after our first Yoga class in 2000.
We were both designers at large companies in New York and doing great in our corporate careers. Yoga though, captured our hearts and it was a conversation we had for six years until we finally made it a reality. In 2006.
We talked about the company we envisioned.  
We wanted a place where we could be creative and where we could have fun.
We wanted to make our clothes locally whenever possibly, to be ethical in our business practices and to be environmentally and socially responsible.
We wanted to be about people and work with like minded individuals that we like and respect.
"You are the company you keep, so keep good company”
We make the clothes we are looking for. 
They are not necessarily meant for a single end use but rather a piece of clothing that you can take from a Yoga Class or sweaty workout, and then wear to lunch.  We want our clothes to work wherever they are.
 Our own wardrobe these days, is made up of items that always seem perfectly appropriate no matter what we are up to. That is our vision for Anjali.
We wear our fabrics so they better feel good!
We select fabrics that feel good against the skin and are in alignment with a life style vision of what we strive to cultivate in our Yoga practice.  We wear everything that we make and always make sure that we feel good about it before they get to a customer.
We obsess over the fit
We go for optimal fit and want you to feel good in the clothes.  They should be like an extension of you and if you forget that you are wearing one of our pants, then we did good.
No Logos
You know what and who you are wearing and we don't like to plaster a logo all over our clothes.  You will find it on the removable hang tags and on the inside as a part of the size label.  That is all!
 We invite you to browse through our Web Site and get to know us.
We are committed to servicing our customers with the same dedication that we approach our yoga practice.  
We hope that you will love our clothes and that they enhance and contribute to you loving your Yoga practice and life.
With Great Love
K & J


Press Kit
Press Kit
Anjali can be found in specialty stores across the world as well as at select online retailers.