Welcome to Anjali Europe in Tilburg Holland

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Here you can view our current Style Sheets, Download order forms as well as the Credit Card Authorization Form.  
All prices listed are in Euros and are the final cost before shipping charges and your local VAT.  All order are shipped from our Tilburg Holland Location.
Use the Style Sheets as a guide to place your order along with the order form which indicates availability and current stock status.  Please note that styles and stock status is subject to change.  Please contact your sales person to confirm availability.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need recommendations or if you just want to give us feedback.  
You can email us at: just give us a call.  Our phone number is: +31.6.800.73751
We are here to help.
Retail orders are processed via our European store:
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Anjali Autumn 2017 Linesheets



Useful Tools

Order Form Excel Format

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Download The CC Authorization Form


To Place A Wholesale Order

You can place your order by contacting the sales department via phone or via email.

Use the official order form to submit your order and payment information.

Please keep in mind that we do not permit our wholesale customers to sell our collections on Amazon.  After you receive your order, you agree to not post our collections on any Amazon Market Place anywhere in the world.

All first time orders must be pre paid via credit card, check or wire transfer.  After establishing an ongoing wholesale relationship and after meeting certain purchase requirements, You can apply for wholesale terms for future orders and can request a credit application from our sales department.  The complete wholesale terms can be found in our Look Books.

We do not have dollar minimums on any orders.  All we ask is that you commit to a size range in any one item when you place your initial order.   

How Long Does It Take To Process and Ship an Order?

Typically, Anjali has all inventories in stock and wholesale orders are sent within five business days. If any items are out of stock or in production, we will be in contact with your buyer within two business days.

Retail Price 

Retail price should be at least least double the wholesale price.

Refunds & Exchanges

 Anjali cannot do exchanges or refunds on wholesale items. We keep our wholesale minimums small in order to minimize the risk to each retailer. When starting out with Anjali products, place small orders initially in order to find out the taste of your clientele.

If, upon receipt of your Anjali order, you find a damaged or defective item, contact customer service at immediately and we will send a replacement.

Anjali needs to be informed of any errors within two business days of delivery.  We encourage you to inventory and examine all orders as soon as you receive them.