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Women's Wholesale Collection

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The Women's Collection

We approach the design of our collections like if we are filling a closet.  We like to create individual pieces that work together and easily fold into an existing wardrobe.

We generally don’t do things in sets but rather come up with a variety of looks that follow the coordinated sportswear philosophy.  Because of that, you are not going to find a single print or a particular fabric and color in 5 or 6 separate pieces.  That is not how we dress ourselves and the collection tends to mirror what we ourselves are looking for.

Our background is collection fashion design and our goal is never to make anyone look too matchy matchy.  Creative combinations inspire us and we like pairing interesting colors together.  It makes for a more interesting wardrobe.  

We try to be non seasonal because we want our clothing to last a long time and would hate for someone to think that something was so last season!  We also like our colors to work in summer as well as winter so we select color palettes that transition from one season into the next.


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