Banana Bread Mug Cake (Vegan)

Banana Bread Mug Cake (Vegan)

This Banana Bread Mug Cake will totally blow you away! It’s vegan, easily made in under 5 minutes from start to finish and has a delightful banana bread flavor.

Needless to say – mug cakes are incredibly convenient and so tasty! You usually only want a single serving anyway, and the overall time is always less than 5 minutes to make!

Ingredients in Banana Bread Mug Cake  
  • Banana – ah yes, the key ingredient here. The banana here acts as a binder, a flavoring agent, and so much more. We highly recommend using a very ripe banana, and when measuring out yours, make sure that your banana is very mashed, and that you measure the amount of the mashed banana, not the amount before mashing. 
  • Flour – you can sub gluten-free flour, just be sure to see if it needs a bit more baking time (about 10 seconds more) but don’t over bake. It’s okay if there is a tiny bit of gooey liquid on top – it’ll set as it cools.
  • Sugar – Use 1 tablespoon because of the sweetness of the bananas. If you think you’d like something sweeter, you can add an extra tablespoon! Of course, if you don't care for sugar at all, just skip it.
  • Oil – adds to the moisture and texture of the mug cake. You can use any neutral oil that you have!
  • Almond milk – adds some moisture to the mug cake. You can sub any other nut milk or soy milk that you have.
  • Sea salt – a dash always elevates flavors, don’t skip it
  • Baking powder – aids in the rise of this mug cake and to help with the texture. P.S. be sure to test your baking powder before using it to ensure it’s fresh.
  • Cinnamon, walnut & chocolate chips  – optional, but amazing add-ins that take it over the top. we highly recommend at least the cinnamon!

Tips for making mug cakes

  • Making a mug cake is pretty much foolproof, but these few tips help to make a big difference. I’ve tested mug cakes over 2 dozen times (yes!), and here are the top tips I took away:
  • Use a wide short-ish mug (like the one in these photos!). If you have a variety to choose from, using this type of mug means the cake rises higher in a concentrated space. I’ve found this helps with cooking.
  • Ensure to stir it all together. Don’t go whisking it for minutes on end, but ensure your entire mug cake is mixed. Since it’s such a small container it can be easy to miss the bottom. Just ensure you incorporate everything.
  • Adjust your time based on your microwave. The times I’ve provided should work but yours may need an extra 10 seconds. It’ll cook edges to centre so just check the centre that it’s fully cooked…BUT:
  • BUT, don’t overcook. This will make your mug cake gummy and rubbery. Remember that the mug cake will keep cooking while it’s cooling so it’s better to slightly under bake it.
  • Let it cool for about 3 minutes before digging it.

Courtesy of Jessica In The Kitchen


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